Good Proposal Writing: How It Can Save Lives


Global warming is a major factor in the deterioration of our environment. One of its leading causes is the accumulation of ‘greenhouse gases’ in the atmosphere. It creates a ‘greenhouse effect’ or the entrapment of heat inside the atmosphere, which results in the rise of the average temperature in the Earth’s near-surface atmosphere. The smoke from vehicles run by fossil fuels contains carbon dioxide and is one of the common causes of air pollution and global warming. This is just one of the environmental ill effects that people experience today.

A Good Scenario

Let us take this situation: You are an independent scientist who is deeply concerned with what’s happening in your surroundings. You made a conviction of saving Mother Earth by spending your knowledge, strength, and most of your time finding ways to alleviate the worsening condition of the planet. The good news is that you have come up with the theory of constructing a device that can absorb large amount of carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. You are very eager to conduct the necessary research and experiments to prove that your proposed design is theoretically accurate and feasible. In fact, the entire plan is complete, including the materials needed and the time frame of the construction process. You are prepared and enthusiastic to build it in your lab as soon as possible.

Sounds promising right? You may not completely save the entire Earth from impending destruction, but you can make a remarkable change and progress to spare it. You are even optimistic that your scientific breakthrough will definitely help in cleaning the polluted atmosphere and resolve global warming. However, there is one problem: you lack the necessary funds to carry out the project.

The question is: Where will you get the finances for your project? The good news: There are lots of institutions and people who are ready and willing to support your cause.

So, it sounds alright. All you need to do is approach a prospective grantor and ask for funding aid. It’s that simple, right? Not really, because you have to remember that it is not that easy to have someone fund your project. You need to convince them first that your project is worth funding, and this is a very crucial phase. So, how can you do this? That’s when you need a grant proposal. A formal request can definitely be your ally to save the day and save the world, as well.

Good Proposal Writing

So what is a grant proposal and how does it work? Basically, a grant proposal is a formal written request. It works by addressing prospective entities to fund a project or a research. If you have the knowledge and assurance to carry out a program or initiative, but lack the financial means to do it, then a grant proposal can lead you to someone who can provide your needs.

Is the problem solved, then? Not yet, because writing a grant proposal may sound simple, but cannot be taken lightly. The truth is that the success of your project will initially depend on how you present and justify your need for funding support. It takes good writing skills to compel grant committee. If you have duly accomplished this, then your chance of being funded will becomes more positive.

How to Do It?

Writing a good and effective grant proposal is not as tough as what you might think, but it’s not that easy. You just need to have plenty of time and effort to sit down and write one. You also need to consider the following reminders when writing your request:

  • Know your prospective funders. It is better if you share the same ideals with them. Also, try to get in touch with many grantors all at the same time if possible.
  • Know their criteria and requirements and be sure to meet them. If possible, have a talk with their authorized representative to better know the details.
  • Prepare a cover letter that sums up your proposed project.
  • Organize your content. It must be able to show your needs, financial status, goals, program details, uses of grant money, and time frame.
  • Proofread your proposal to avoid errors in grammar, spelling, or format.

Once you are done with your grant proposal, you can already submit it to your prospective funders. Then this may give you a higher probability to take one step ahead in saving the world and people’s lives.

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