Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Helps Nursing-Related Patient Outcomes


The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation is dedicated to advancing environmental conservation and scientific research around the world, as well as helping to improve the quality of life in its homeland for more than 70 years, San Francisco Bay Area.

The foundation is devoted to the inspirational vision articulated by its founders: “creating positive outcomes for future generations.” This vision guides its mission: “to achieve significant, lasting, and measurable results in environmental conservation, science, and the San Francisco Bay Area.” A set of core values such as impact, integrity, disciplined approach, and collaboration is what directs the foundation’s work.

Established in September 2000, the foundation carries out its work through the following frameworks: initiatives and standalones.

Early this year, the foundation approved a grant amounting to $3,900,000 with an 82-month term to the Catholic Healthcare West. This grant to Catholic Healthcare West will support improved nursing-related patient outcomes across nine hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area and Greater Sacramento regions. Through the implementation of evidence-based practices, this grant will lead to improved glycemic control and safety, a reduction in the incidence of preventable hospital-acquired venous thromboembolism, and a reduction in mortality among surgical inpatients with serious treatable complications. All outcomes will be achieved by the end of 2013 and are to be sustained through 2017.

Catholic Healthcare West is a provider of quality, compassionate health care in more than 40 hospitals and care centers that serve communities across California, Arizona, and Nevada.

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