Grant Funding: Sure Ways to Successfully Get Aid


Successful with GrantorsThere are so many factors that will lead you to successfully acquire a grant from funding sources, one of which is your timing and initial contact. For others, however, it can be your previous track record or a testimonial from your colleague.

Remember that it takes time to get your project funded, so make sure that you are prepared and organized along the process, that is, if you’re determined to make a difference. Follow these steps for you to succeed in your bid for grant support.

Heed These Tips in Grant Funding

1. Know what they ask for and do it.

Funding sources will basically state everything they require from grant seekers who intend to apply. When initiating contact, make sure you got the correct name, phone number, or e-mail address of your contact person.

Honor requests of funding sources if they prefer to be approached by e-mail rather than phone calls, especially when they have specifically stated how they want to be contacted the first time.

2. Research about the funding source.

Get as much details as you can about the funding sources and their grant program before thinking about making a call. Thoroughly read their web site, application guidelines, testimonials of recipients, annual reports, and their current pursuits.

Further, take time to browse on local newspapers where the funding source was cited or mentioned. This allows you to broaden your knowledge about their programs and choose which one is appropriate for your needs.

3. Make your ideas tangible.

Concretize your overall idea of a project before you make an initial contact with potential funding source. Use the five Ws and an H (Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?) to guide you in writing a three-paragraph summary.

By being prepared and knowledgeable, you will be able to answer easy or tough questions about the project you propose to carry out. This will show how serious you are to help not only your beneficiaries, but also the entire community.

4. Ask thought-provoking questions.

In order to save time, avoid asking questions that are already answered on the web site. As much as possible, draft your questions in advance, and make sure they are intelligent and thought-provoking ones. This will, in turn, elicit sensible answers that will inspire you more to pursue your plan.

5. Be the early bird.

Begin your application process early and plan ahead of others. Do not allow procrastination to get you by waiting for days until the line goes long. Do not complain or plead for an extension of the deadline or make lousy excuses. You do not want them to be turned off, do you?

6. Show your respect at all times.

Always be courteous and grateful when communicating with the contact person of your potential funding source. No matter what happens with your application, if everything goes well or not, they are still there to support any worthwhile dream to become a reality. It is appropriate and ethical to show proper respect for the opportunity to be able to present your plan.

Seek Grant Funding

The surest way to win grant award is by making a compelling written request. If you cannot make one, seek help from expert grant writers.

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