Grant Management: Tips on How to be Successful


grant managementGrant management is a tedious process to deal with. It is more than just writing a proposal and receiving funds for your project. In fact, it is not even half of the entire work. It requires a lot of time, effort, and patience to come up for an effective management plan.

Your capacity to manage the project and funds given will boost your status as a grant seeker; thus, increasing your chance to receive funding for your future projects. To achieve this, there should be an organized system from start to finish.

Tips for Grant Management

  • Monitor the process on how the project will meet its goals and objectives.
  • Verify the process to ensure that all allocations and expenses are appropriate.
  • Make a thorough and timely evaluation report of the project.
  • Prepare for audit visits to be conducted by the grantor prior to and/or during the funding period.

Tips Prior to Proposal Writing

  • As the grant seeker, you need to give all the necessary info as much as possible. Your proposal should be written clearly and succinctly so your project is easily understood. Avoid using terms and acronyms that a common reader can’t understand.
  • You need to keep your funding source informed about the progress of your project. It is your duty to update your grantor on the impact that your project has made so far. You should let them know how the funds made a vital change.
  • Sadly, some grant writers lack certain skills to find the aptest grant donor. This is the reason why some applications are bound to fail because these do not fit well within the initiatives, priorities, and guidelines of the grantor.
  • Be sure to research first before you apply. It is an utter waste of time to apply for grants that do not support your goals or geographical area.
  • Don’t just concentrate on the government and big firms. Some grant seekers neglect local groups and firms even if it matches the goals of their project.
  • You need to assess your ability to manage a grant before you attempt to write a grant proposal. It is a tedious process so you must have the time and skills before you seek and apply for funding.

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