Grant Money for Writers: One Rare Virtue of Funding


You’ve seen them all around – free magazines sitting on groceries and fast food chains. Good blogs all across web sites, creative social activists disseminating essays and articles, poets posting ornate works to the unknowing public all for free. Sometimes, it’s disturbing. It makes you wonder: Where on Earth are they getting the bucks to at least provide for their bread? Good thing, there is grant money for writers.

Sad Realities

Some may find it a harsh reality: writers often talk about ideas, and in fast-paced world where the only food, clothing, shelter, and iPhones only matter, who will trouble reading about ideas? Well, not unless your readers will make money from it, you may hit the bestseller. But if you’re writing for the sake of art, social change, greener earth, and whatnot, nobody will expect you to earn enough to make both ends meet. The relief is just that nobody will consider you ridiculous for not getting a penny either.

Come say, the hardest part of dirtying your hands into the business of writing is that you nearly starved only to get your work published, mentioning aside all the countless hours you spent locking up in your desk and that traumatic attempt of your spouse to divorce you on grounds of neglect. And did we tell that as of now, people who are willing to shed bucks for a work of art are way, way, fewer than folks who want to spend charity for planting trees in the backwoods? Edgar Allan Poe and William Blake even died penniless in an era where arts and humanities were still valued, lest we forget.

How to Boost Your Chance

Yet there are some who still provide funding for writers. But this is rare. In this age where the genius of Shakespeare hardly got appreciated, the world is being deprived of brilliant scribes, of books, and of masterpiece that can never be written for the sake of earning money. But the fact that writing prowess seldom got appreciated today does not mean you have to stop finding ways for it if you have the passion.

Though not rampant, there are grants offered to starving literary artists, and your job is to find them. Of course, you will have to compete for funds, that’s why you need to prove you’re worthy of the award than the others. Here are a few good points:

  • The key here is not to write for competition. Write for the sake of art, like what the funders want to see in your works. Ink your words freely, and express your creativity as if your piece can’t be bought by money — that’s the only way to win a “free” publishing.
  • Last but not the least, whether you’re a poet or a novelist, you still have to present your documents professionally when you want to get the funding for writers. There are papers that must remain objective and technical, like grant proposals.

Should you wish to partner with the very few grantors who believe that literature should not decline in this great miasma of robotic living, start showing through your masterpiece how you live for your passion. But avoid dragging them into your emotional roller coaster, present plausible reasoning and objective endorsement. In each stride of your piece was the story of your life. Aim for its publication, fellow scribe.

Seek Grant Money for Writers

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