Grant Proposal Writing: Freeing and Empowering Women


Grants for Women

There are non-profit groups that help women to achieve their dreams. They give grants for business minded women with mission to improve the community and its people. As such, grant proposal writing is the best way to get funds and empower them.

Role In the Society

Women are more than half of the world’s population. They are everywhere as mothers, grandmothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, girlfriends, and wives. They clean the house, cook food, care for the sick, and do other duties for the family. Also, they do tasks that are exclusive for men.

Despite these, some of them cannot pursue worthy endeavors due to lack of funds. Some foundations see them as weak and with abilities confined to household works. They take them too lightly and assume that they cannot handle a business.

In truth, women played a historic role in our society. No one will be here without them. Since 1920, there are significant changes that help women’s movement. They founded organizations to empower and free more women from unfair treatment. Such effort gave American women their right to vote.

Not everyone, however, welcome this change. This is the reason why women continue to struggle for equality and empowerment. These days, grants for women are vital for them to pursue education, business, livelihood, welfare programs, and other endeavors.

Taking the Challenge

If you seek for grants, you need to find funding sources. Yes, it looks simple, but it is a protracted work. This will take some time, and you need all patience to accomplish this. Plus, creativity, cleverness, and self-dignity will help you win a grant.

To find funders, here’s what to do:

  • Check the catalog for books related to funding assistance in the library.
  • Look through the Internet. Do online search for grants and foundations that support your cause. Some funders offer education and research grant. Some even awards money for business start-up.

Preparation Tips

If you or your group seek for a grant, determine how much time you have to prepare your proposal. Whether your cause is to put up a business, build shelters, open a daycare center, or pay for college, you need to read and follow what the funder requires. They have conditions in their giving. Know the rules and be aware of the deadline. Through this, you will know how to write a proposal.

As a grant seeker, you have to define your goals and objectives.  Also, be precise with the budget allocation. Don’t go beyond the amount that funders offer. Show a list of where your requested fund should go. This could be for equipment, tools, supplies, labor, and other related expenses. Explain this in a convincing and truthful way.

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