Grant Proposals That Will Definitely Win Funds


Grant ProposalsWill applying for a grant funding work for you? Here is a basic advice from expert grant writers: you should not go seek funding just because it is open and available. There are factors that you should consider before doing anything after you learned about this opportunity.

Grant seekers who are more likely to win a grant are those who do their homework properly, see clearly the bigger picture, can establish and maintain a support network, know the budget cycle, and find ways to meet certain requirements.

Tips for You

Not all grant seekers get the nod from a funding source. To help you obtain a grant money, you may want to heed these tips.

What does it take to be eligible?

1. Share a common goal, interest, or intention with your target funder.
2. Meet grant criteria.
3. Follow the application process, rules, and set guidelines.
4. Submit a formal grant request and other required documents.

To boost your chance for the funds, your project should:

1. Cite the benefit that the proposed project will bring to its target population.
2. Be aligned with the funder’s focus.
3. Request grant money that fits within the set range.

In seeking aid, try not to overlook other programs that could be potential sources of fund.

Plan Ahead

As a grant seeker, you should make a good plan and concept first before starting to write your grant request. Your tasks should include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Reflect the mission of your group.
2. Explain the context of your social works.
3. Identify certain problems or issues that your group hopes to address.
4. Cite your goals and certain activities to achieve them.
5. Explain the importance of your proposed project.
6. Cite the results you intend to achieve.
7. Tell whom your group will work with.
8. Specify how the stakeholders were consulted and how will they be involved in the project.
9. Make a timeline or schedule of activities that you will perform.
10. Present your monitoring and evaluation plans.
11. Share your future plans: how the project will continue after the grant period.

Boost Your Chance

You should be aware that each funding source has its own guidelines, requirements, and processes before making a decision on grant applications. Truly, a formal written request is the most effective way to articulate your group’s mission, as well as its accountability to its supporters. To perfect your proposal, do these:

  • Show the structure of your organization.
  • Present your management team and describe the duties of each key officer.
  • List down all the relevant skills of your staff.
  • Identify your supporters and describe your relationship with the local community.
  • Present your most recent achievements.
  • Make a short list of monetary or in-kind contributions you have gathered so far.
  • Make a list of active donors who have been supporting your projects.
  • Cite your affiliations and memberships.

What Makes It Perfect?

After you’ve written a draft, go over it again and try to look for errors and correct them.

Proposals with strong chances to win funds are those that follow application instructions, submitted on time, have thoughts that are succinct and well organized, contain a realistic budget plan, able to address the needs, and are error-free.

Well-written grant proposals can surely get the funds to launch or continue a project. If you can’t perfect the writing task, hire expert grant writing services.

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