Grant Writing Tips For Nonprofits: Two Obstacles To Encounter

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As a non-profit organization, you apply for grant because of various reasons. You look for funds to fulfill your worthy intention to help those who are in need. But, most of the time finding funds is a rough road to travel. There are hurdles that cause you to miss the chance of getting the fund. Perhaps, it’s time to pay heed to grant writing tips for nonprofits. These could help you handle a tough situation.

Heed the Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofits

Here are two hurdles that a you will face and some tips to manage them:

Finding the Right Funder.

Apart from knowing the grant application process, it is also vital to detect right funders for your program. Finding them is like looking for the best pair of shoes. If you buy the wrong shoes, your money will be put to waste. They are useless, too. Same thing goes with grants. If the grants that you are applying for doesn’t match your initiatives and goals, your effort is of no use.

Funders have their focus areas. You have to understand that funders give grants to a certain cause. They might fund program for health and human services, literacy, women and children, animal welfare and protection, environment, and research. To know what they fund, you may check their past giving. You may visit their Web sites, and find out the initiatives or projects that they fund.

Therefore, it is important that your organization seeks for a funder whose passion and interest is the same as yours. Make sure that you fall within the scope of what they fund and where they give it.

Avoiding the Wrong Places.

If you have a good idea of what to look for in a funder, the next possible problem that you’ll likely encounter is where to look for them.

One of the major problems of many nonprofits is that they don’t know where to look for open grants. In fact, you may use the internet or go to libraries to find funders that can fund your project. Search engines are helpful when you want to locate grantors. But, you should not rely solely on them. Browse grant databases and look at previous press releases or announcements. Annual reports are also helpful when searching for grantors.

Searching for grants should not be a drag. By being informed and knowing the ins and outs of grant writing and finding the right grant funder, you’ll be fine. So start the application now. If you need help, you can turn to grant writing services.

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