Helping Victims of the Recent Japan Earthquake through International Grants


The recent earthquake in Japan has left numerous individuals devastated. The whole world was shaken by this unexpected phenomenon and has, once again, brought unity among varying cultures and races. This event, although truly shattering, has made every country cross geographic barriers to join hands and bring relief to those who were heavily affected.

For those who would like to contribute to providing relief and assisting with the country’s recovery, but are short on funds, there are international grant giving organizations that provide grant assistance to fund for recovery or relief projects in Japan.

Organizations that Offer International Grants

Below are some of these credible grant-giving international organizations.

1. Rotary International, Rotary Foundation

Through the Rotary Japan 2011 Disaster Recovery Fund, the Rotary Club provides grant assistance to international organizations that would like to conduct relief operations to specific areas in Japan affected by the recent earthquake. The Rotary Club specifically provides funds to Rotary clubs and districts that carry out relief projects in affected areas. For more information, please visit:

2. Lions Club International Assistance Grants

The Lions Club awards grants for humanitarian projects, environmental protection programs, and medical missions. Since the recent earthquake in Japan, the Lions Club has also been providing grants to relief and recovery projects focused in Japan. To apply, kindly visit:

3. MoneyGram Global Giving Program

MoneyGram provides approximately $500,000.00 in grants per year to non-profit organizations that seek to conduct disaster relief programs. This grant program could also be used for microfinance programs and essential education services. For more information, visit

4. Western Union Foundation

The Western Union Foundation provides direct grants to non-governmental organizations regardless of geographic location that focus on disaster relief operations and projects. Aside from relief projects, the Western Union Foundation also provides funding to education and job related projects to poor countries. Visit its home page at for more information.

Although most international grants are provided to non-profit and non-governmental organizations, individuals could still apply in partnership or in collaboration with non-profit and/or non-governmental organizations.


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