Proposal Writing: Tips to Justify Your Need for Funding


Need for Funding

As a grant seeker, you need not ask money from anyone you know or do not know. You need not hold out your hand to beg. It will not work. Grant proposal writing is still the best way to get enough funding.

If you have a prospective funding source, the next step is to pull its interest on your project. To do this, present a succinct argument that persuade funders to fund your project. You have to explain the problem, as well as the ways out from this issue. You have to justify that there is a need, and you got the solution.

How are you going to write this in your proposal? Here are some tips to consider.

Proposal Writing Guides to Validate Your Needs

Conduct researches on the need for your program.

This will help you identify the problem; interpret your findings; and present solution to funders.

Choose the right facts or statistics that support the project.

Gather as much correct facts or statistics. Don’t use out-of-date or wrong data.

Strike a balance between facts and analysis.

Statements based on opinions are absurd. If you will cite a fact, prove it with related literature. Including sources of data from authorities in the field are very trustworthy. You may also add actual experience of your organization. Just make sure that things you include are relevant to the project or your organization.

Inspire hope and solution to the reviewer.

Do not use too much emotion in your statements to make an appeal. It only creates a grim and hopeless scene. This will give the funding source the impression that your project is not worth investing at all. As such, show that there’s hope to resolve the issue.

Determine the correct approach of your proposal.

This speaks of ways to present your written request. How are you going to present it in a logical and graspable manner? Your goal is to grab funders’ interest from the very start. Going for striking titles can be catchy for them. While a good choice of section or heading titles can highlight crucial parts of your project.

Create a timetable of tasks and deadlines.

You have to base the schedules on funders’ guidelines and on your planned activities.

Review the proposal after completing the draft.

Proofread the entire draft for spelling and grammatical, and syntax errors. This also enables you to add crucial info you miss.

Follow the funding source’s guidelines.

In doing this, you are sure that your project and proposal’s content are vital to funders. Thus, they will read and consider your grant request.

If this is your first time to apply for a grant, you need a simplified way of writing a proposal. Also, be familiar with the basic processes and aspects. This requires you to do so many things. If you need to prepare more things, you can entrust your proposal to grant writing services.

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