SickKids Foundation


Grant Program Description
As part of the Foundation’s National Grants Program, support is offered by SickKids Foundation for conferences, workshops or symposia, which are relevant to the health of Canada’s children. The purpose of the Community Conference Grants Program is to support events, which are organized by and/or for families with children with health challenges, including but not limited to children with acute illness, chronic illness, and disabilities.

Eligibility Requirements
Eligible events must:

  • address issues that are relevant to child health in Canada
  • support the parent-child-professional partnership by having a focus on information sharing between families, health professionals, and community organizations
  • include knowledgeable and credible presenters
  • take place in Canada
  • be sponsored by a registered Canadian charitable organization

Preference will be given to events which:

  • are community-based
  • are organized by smaller, community-based  organizations
  • are multidisciplinary
  • address issues which are of high frequency and/or high morbidity/mortality and/or high economic or social cost
  • have the potential to make an impact on practice or policy.

Funding Deadline
Deadlines of applications for each fiscal year are May 31, September 30, and January 31.

Geographic Focus

Maximum of $5,000

*For further details, please contact us at 1-(800) 825-2314.


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