Swanson Family Foundation


Grant Program Description
The Swanson Family Foundation was established in 2006 by Mary K. Swanson to create a legacy of sharing to the world in the areas of education, leadership, environmental, health and lifestyle related issues. Along with Robert J. Jacques, her partner and husband, and their three children Katie, Andrew, and Josef, Mary wants to share resources, both financial in the form of grants and partnerships and also with their expertise.

Eligibility Requirements
Grants will be primarily made to organizations providing “hands-on” support to promote a sustainable higher quality of life in the areas of education, environment, leadership and health. No grant will be made to a political or profit-making organization, to individuals, nor for the benefit of specific individuals.

Funding Deadline
Not specified

Geographic Focus

Not specified

*For further details, please contact us at 1-(800) 825-2314.

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