The Self Family Foundation


Brief information
The Self Family Foundation will support organizations that help people rebuild their communities from the inside out by focusing on assets and mobilizing relationships between local institutions, businesses and residents.

Primary grant target areas

  • Education
    Enhancing children’s school readiness; working together with schools, families, youth-serving organizations and other community organizations to support the intellectual and social development of our young people.
  • Health Care
    Individual and community wellness and prevention; revitalizing neighborhoods through collaboration with community organizations, businesses, public institutions and local residents.

Secondary grant target areas

  • Arts, culture and history
    Increasing awareness of, and access to, activities specifically within Greenwood, South Carolina.

Geographic focus

Primary geographic area of interest is Greenwood, South Carolina and surrounding counties.

All applicants must have the financial potential to sustain the project on a continuing basis after any funding is approved. Requests for loans and grants to individuals are NOT funded.

Proposals are due by the 15th of February, May, August and November to be considered at the quarterly trustee meetings held the third week of March, June, September, and December.

Funding range
None specified


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