Construction Grants: How to Get Federal Funds


Federal Construction GrantsConstruction grants (CGs) are a large-scale alteration project.  This aims to build new facilities for the community, renovate old and weak buildings, restore historical homes, and make energy-efficient structures. Most construction-related grant ramps up the proposals received by the government. In fact, half of these grants do not get support. This is because most applicants have less knowledge on federal grants. If you plan to submit a federal CG proposal, these are effective ways to get funding.

How to Apply for Construction Grants

1. Read the announcement and understand the guidelines.

The announcement states the type of construction projects to fund. It informs you on how to write your proposal and what documents to submit. So understand the guidelines to know if you qualify for the grant.

2. Follow the criteria.

The government is strict on giving grants. They have requirements that you must follow. Thus, make sure that your aim conforms with one of these:

  • Address the location’s social and economic need. Your project must be the answer to the place’s social and/or economic need. Your purpose must solve the area’s concern or problem. It may help your community to boost tourism or build more jobs.
  • Get rid of health and safety threats. Most old buildings are a threat to the area. If your project is for public health and safety, then the federal might give you the fund.
  • Regain from a disaster. Most CG to re-build the place after a natural disaster get monies. The fund is for large works to improve homes and buildings destroyed by flood, typhoons, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

Aside from these, you have to complete some federal documents, too. Whatever you project’s focus is, you have to present these papers with your written proposal:

– Standard Forms
– Budget plan
– Responses to an environmental checklist
– Standard Assurances
– Project’s timeline
– Permits and licenses

3. Meet the terms on how to submit the proposal.

Once you complete these papers, you are now ready to submit your CG proposal. Read and understand the guidelines on how to forward the proposal to the agency. When you apply for a CG, you have to start early. Once you are through with the project plan, you may present your request. Keep in mind that the application runs for a long time. This is a first-to-submit basis, so grantors will heed the grants they received first. If you submit it ahead of the deadline, you will have more time to revise your grant proposal based on the agency’s suggestions.

To this end, government funds are hard to get. Likewise, federal grant writing is a tough task since you have to abide by the rules. The agency will look on your proposal closely. If you fail to meet their guidelines, you lose your chance. So be sure to review the funding notice and write a great grant proposal.

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