Grant Search: Using Social Networking Sites


The fast-paced growth of today’s technology makes more people to get involve with social networking. But did you know that you can use this “hip tool” for your grant search?

Everyone is familiar with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and other social networking sites that have grown through years. This medium has grabbed the attention of many for-profit and non-profit, and use it to search for grants.

So, why not share and tweet it?

Gains from Social Networking Sites

The use of social networking sites can be limitless. Your group can work with its various tools and applications. For instance, Facebook has a “Causes” apps. Members of the site can join any cause that they want. Surveys show that about 25 million people have joined at least one cause on the social network.

Other Purposes of Social Networking Sites

Aside from having interaction with various people from your circle and group, these sites can also be used for other purposes.

– First, you can use them to educate people regarding your organization. You can relay  your causes, scope of work, and other things about your group.

– Second, these are great ways to inform the public about your activities. Whether you want to start a new program or to update them about the current progress on your projects, these sites are the best place to put them. You can start out a conversation by answering the question “What’s happening (Twitter).” From there, you can get a lot of people updated on your projects, and soon they may join your cause.

– Lastly, you can also use them to make wider connections. Commonly linked to other people, you use these sites to get connections and widen your groups. As you hook to more people from within and outside your circle, you get near donors, clients, staff, volunteers, and affiliates.

Promotion through People, by People

A survey by Cygnus Applied Research last January 2009 says that 42.5% of the people will give to charities that they have not previously supported. Or, if a friend or someone they knew need financial aids, they will help them.

Social networking sites can raise awareness, create new ties, and strengthen bonds with people from the same works, interests, and concerns. Communicating through these mediums is the same as making campaigns. When you get in touch with many people, a lot of hands will reach out for you. So widen your circle of friends to help you promote your cause. This personal way of transmitting information is more effective because it carries credibility.

New Tool for Better Understanding

Before, newsletters, pamphlets, and articles are the means to inform members, volunteers, and donors. With this one-way type of communication, it would be hard to get their feedbacks. Social networking site gradually shift the communication to real-time.

Though papers and news are still useful today, timely comments and opinions from friends are helpful for the group. Those who have the right knowledge and access to funding sources can give you tips on where and how you can obtain fund.

Although you cannot consider these sites as a major solution or source to get supporter for your projects, you can still use it as a vehicle to spread and build positive impressions about who you are and what you do.

Remember, finding right funders doesn’t need to be stressful and exhausting. But don’t just rely on these networking sites to get support. Just use them as an extra channel or tool for your search. Still, use libraries, and government agencies to find grants. One thing is certain, with right tools and connections, you will get the details that you need for your projects and causes.

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