Write a Custom Grant: Tips to Create a Competitive Proposal

custom grant writing tips written on paper

Funding institutions receive numbers of grant requests through a letter of inquiry, proposal, or application form. They give funding based on their guidelines and applicant’s proposal. If you want to write a grant proposal, then make it more competitive and impressive. This is your only way to win a grant.

Ways to Write a Grant Proposal

Here are some pointers to have the edge through your proposal:

1. Research and review the foundation’s guidelines.

You have to read and understand what funders want you and other grant seekers to do. Each organization has rules and requirements. It will be to your benefit if you will follow the guidelines and answer all questions. Do not let the reviewers turn down your application because you fail to follow an instruction. Also, acknowledge any question that you are unable to answer. You may state your reasons for not responding to a question.  If you go with the requirements and process, you have a huge chance to get the fund.

2. Organize your proposal.

Gather all related information that will justify the need for your project. Be coherent and consistent in your details. Make sure that your content meets the organization’s objectives.  Focus on the details of your project. Show how you will manage the fund in an efficient and effective way. Also, give funders an overview on how you will work on the project.

3. Make it neat and easy to read.

The look of your proposal affects the reviewers’ view. Use fonts that are readable, use 12-point font, and one-inch margins on all sides. But if the organization requires a format such as a font like Verdana and using double spaces, do so. Use headings that show the main section and the subsection.

4.  Ensure that the reviewer will easily locate the information he needs.

Use page numbers and headings that correspond to the information requested. Place a table of contents to make the proposal more organize and neater. In the table of contents you can also show the main section and the subsection.

5. Mind the due date.

Submit your proposal on or before the deadline. Preferably before the deadline, so that critics will review your proposal first. Assessing a proposal requires much time to study and consider every section thoroughly.

6. Use language that an educated layperson can understand.

Proper use of words has a positive effect on the whole proposal. Do not presume that they will get your unique use of words. Regard the reviewers politely, so that they will be inspired to review your proposal. Spell out abbreviations and acronyms upon first use.

In grant application, the way you present your proposal may either make or break your quest. This is the reason you should write a grant proposal that is competent enough to get funding. If you find it hard to create a great proposal, there are grant writing services to help you. They will custom-fit your written grant request with what the funders prefer.

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